How To Know Someone Unfriend You In Facebook ?

You may surprise why some messages sending by Facebook friends recent all disappear suddenly ? and also didn’t see them on line in Facebook chat ? Or didn’t get any reply after sending request for ‘Add as friend’ ?

The reason is they already unfriend you in their Facebook friend list.So,is there any method how i know my friends already kicked me out from the list or reject me add me as Facebook friend ?

Facebook will not get you acknowledge as someone reject you adding into Facebook friend and remove you name in their friend list,then we need to add ‘Unfriend Finder’ userscripts into web browser and inform you who remove you in Facebook.

Install Unfriend Finder userscripts into web browser by click ‘Install’ icon.A ‘Unfriends’ tab appeared in Facebook page after log in Facebook account.

A red counter will appear as some one unfriend you.