How To Solve LINE Naver Games Can’t Start Up On Jailbreak iOS Devices

Few days back i had shared free Naver games download (LINE pop, cartoon Wars, LINE Patapoko Amimal and Home Run Battle Burst) and getting free LINE stickers at same time. My friends informed me that all the Naver LINE games mentioned above can’t open up and play it on iPhone, a pop up window with 「An abnormal use of device has been detected. The service is not longer available on the device 」 message appeared as starting the game. Finally i found that iOS devices with jailbreak are the root cause failed Naver games running properly, You can try below trick to get back and solve Naver LINE games running properly on your jailbreak iPhone.

A pop up warning message appeared as running LINE games on jailbreak iOS devices at first time.

Enable Naver Games Run On Jailbreak iOS Devices

1.First uninstall Naver LINE games that you downloaded. Go to 「Cydia」 > 「Sources」, adding

Add url on cydia enable Naver games


2.Now searching for 「LINE no Detect」 in Cydia, then installed and reboot iOS devices.

LINE no detect


3.Try to install back again Naver LINE games from App store, you will notice all LINE games can run on iPhone and pop up warning message already disappeared.

LINE games run on iPhone


Why Naver games can’t start up properly on jailbreak iOS devices ? It’s may be all these LINE games build in in-app purchases feature and prevent someone go to crack it, thus disable Naver LINE games running on jailbreak iOS devices.

Fix LINE Bubble, LINE POP Game Abnormal On Jailbreak Devices [Latest Solution] (17/3/2013).

Hope can help all LINE fans.

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