How To Get Free Apple Music Subscription Up To Six Months

Apple Music has always been working with other companies, most are providing a month trial experience.

Recently Shazam joined together with Apple Music launching an event to redeem up to six months free Apple Music subscription.

If you haven’t subscribed or have not yet experienced this digital music service, you can try it now.

How To Get Free Apple Music Subscription

First go to the app store and download the Shazam app.

Tap and open up the Shazam app after download completed, tap on the “Library” in the upper left corner and you will see the “Limited Time Offer-Free Apple Music for X months” event icon in the upper left corner.

Free Apple Music

If you are subscribers, this icon will not be visible. It can only be seen without Apple Music subscription.

Tap on the “Continue” button to let Shazam app access to music service from Apple.

Free%20Apple%20Music 2

Select OK to allow Shazam access music and media library.

Apple Music

You are successfully redeem your membership.

Apple Music

From now on, you can experience Apple Music.

apple music subscription

I was able to get a free subscription for three months only. Some people from other countries like the US able to get six months subscription.

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You must allow this music plan is automatically subscription. It won’t start charging until the free trial period has expired, you just need to cancel before the free trial expired date.

Please take note that this event is free for a limited time, please grab it as soon as possible.