How To Set Up Zoho Mail For Custom Domain, Replace Google Apps and Outlook.Com

We can set up email accounts which had your domain name in it (for example, “”) when purchased a domain name. Previously we can set up free custom domain name with Gmail by using Google Apps, or custom domains with, however Google has killed the free Google Apps for your own custom domain two year ago and Microsoft no longer offers Outlook for domains. Here’s workaround using free Zoho mail with your own domain if you don’t mind using non-Gmail service.

We can create an email account through webhost service but problem was that the email interface was awful, difficult to organize emails. Moreover webhost and mailbox service are shared same space and capacity, the resources are wasted if receiving too much spam mail or useless information. Now we can use Zoho mail create custom domain email address makes you seem more professional.

Zoho Mail With Custom Domain

The mail service having free and premium subscription. Free plan allow users create 10 custom domains email accounts with 5GB/user with anti virus & spam filtering, IMAP or POP3 access, SSL encrypted, desktop sync and more, all these build in free features should be enough if you own a blog or small company.

Visit Zoho and sign up free account. Enter in your own domain name then click on “Add Domain” button.

Zoho Mail with custom domain

Now key in your personal details to sign up a Zoho mail account. Click on “Proceed to verify domain ownership” link after you have successfully signed up for the Free plan.

Zoho mail with custom domain

They provided CNAME, TXT and HTML methods to validate your domain. Here i use TXT method to create a TXT record for my domain, then click on “Verify” button.

Use Zoho mail with custom domain

Create your administrator email account after successfully verified ownership of domain, click on “Next” button.

This is important step which decide where the emails addressed to your domain should be delivered to. Click on “proceed to Point MX” link to set up MX records of Zoho.

Zoho mail with custom domain

Go to Your Zoho mail with custom domain already set up, now you can send and receive email by using this free mail service. Remember verify your email address to confirm your account registration.

Zoho Mail with custom domain

How To add New User Mail Account

Go to Zoho panel > User Details > Add User. A free plan email service allows 10 group mailboxes, each group has a capacity of 5GB separate mailbox space.

Add new user to Zoho mail

That it. You’re done!