Zapya : Send and Receive Files Between iOS And Android

Techgravy blog shared free app called Bump which can transfer and share photos, contacts or video among android devices and iPhone, you may find that it’s little bit tedious as bumping two phones together gently by hold the two phones. Now we can use another free app, Zapya (快牙) similar function with Bump that transfer and sharing photos, video or music cross platform between android and iOS devices.

Zapya is a free transfer app for Android and iPhone which allow users sharing photos, video or music from android to iPhone or vice versa. As long as install this transfer app into mobile phone and start up, then can transfer the contents within same network, the transfer can reach to maximum 2 MB/second. Moreover it’s support group transfer option of a maximum of 5 people to do single transfer or group transfer.


Share Files With Zapya

Install Zapya app into phone. It’s will showing all apps, photos, files and video contained in the phone (Here i use android phone).



Tapping on 「Connect To Friend」 button will turn on wireless hotspot automatically to let other devices try to connect it (Here i use iPad).

Transfer files between ios and Android


The iPad also install same app and tapping on same 「Connect To Friend」 button. We can notice Android devices name listed then tap on it try to connect it.


At the same time your android device pop up a window showing that another device (iPad) request connection, tap on allow to connect the device. Now i tap on a photo send out to iPad by select Send option.


The iPad will receive the photo immediately.

Zapya app making transfer files between iOS and Android become simpler and easy to use, it’s more convenient compare with SuperBeam method. It’s highly recommend use it as you need to transfer files between two devices.

Download free app from Android or iOS.

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