You Can Add In More Than 9 Websites In Opera Speed Dial Feature, How To Do That ?

Opera brought a feature is called Speed dial which is basically is to make visiting your 9 favorite websites as easy as possible instead of opening a blank tab or putting in bookmarks.Maybe you will asking why only 9 websites allow to add in into Speed Dial feature? why not 10,20 or more ? Here i showing you a hack how to increase websites limit in Speed dial as many as you like .

Below is Speed Dial feature that allowed 9 websites to be added.


1.Open up Opera web browser and added one we
bsite to Speed Dial.

2.Click ‘Start’ and select ‘Run’,then enter in ‘ C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Opera\profile ‘.

3.Use notepad to open up speeddial.ini file,add in the code below at the end of the speeddial.ini file and save it.




6 AM

4.Then close up speeddial.ini file and restart Opera web browser,notice that can added in 20 websites ( 4X5 = 20 ) in Speed Dial feature .


You can change the row and column figures to suit you needed.

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