YES 4G Mobile Internet Launch In Malaysia And Price Reveal

Today YTL Comm Malaysia has official launched 4G mobile internet network in Malaysia which is ‘YES 4G’,it an all-in-one solution that combine voice,mobile internet and broadband plan.First they just revealed nine sen for 3mb of data, one minute of calls or one short message service with Users just have to “pay-as-you-go(use)”.Now they announced all the exact data and rebates as using YES 4G.

yes4G 1

You can found out the data usage and rebates details from below photo with attractive rates to as low as two sen per MB or RM20 per GB.

yes4G 2

Meanwhile you also can check whether you or your favorite place has coverage for YES 4G with visit YES coverage map ( luckily my hometown is cover ).

Early YTL Comm with few device that supports 4G mobile internet with USB 4G modem called Yes Go, a Mi-Fi device called Yes Huddle, a 4G phone called Yes Buzz, and a home modem for voice and Wi-Fi called Yes Zoom.all these Yes 4G system operates without SIM cards, just need a YES ID, which is attached to an email address and phone number, and that ID is used on multiple devices.

Today 6pm Malaysia time,we can register and activate YES ID with 018 number.

As a Malaysian,are you think that the price and rebate for YES 4G reasonable ?