Xneat Window Manager : ‘Window Management’ Enhancement For Your PC

If you often open and switching multiple window,then try Xneat window manager.With pressing ‘Window’ and ‘Space bar’ key,you can easily do the window switching,also minimize to system tray,set transparency and hide any window or tray icon.So your boss will not know what you are doing in front of the computer during working hours.

You need to set up the ‘setting‘ before started using this software;
Hot menu setting – you can set to pop up a window menu by press the ‘Windows’ and ‘Space bar’ key.A list of features listed at the left menu,you need click “Add” to add in into executive menu at right side. Quick Launch and hidden tray icons are suppose adding in executive menu.

sshot 1

After executed the program , as you press hotkey (Windows key + Space bar key), will be able pop up hot menu ,

sshot 3

As you right click ‘Start’ icon,Xneat window manager menu will show same as hot menu above.

sshot 5

Right click the window title bar,there are four kind of features inside the menu,

1.Make On Top :the window will always displayed on top,other window can’t be cover it.

2.Hide Window :The window directly hidden so that others can not find it.Resume it just press hotkey (Windows key + Space key ).

Send To Tray :Minimize the window to system tray.

Transparency :Can be set from 0% to 90% and custom setting transparency, the greater number of more transparent and provides three functions:
(1) Opaque on Focus: When clicking the window to resume normal .
(2) Opaque on Hover: When the mouse go through the window ( no need
click) to resume normal .
(3) Click Through: Can click through the window directly to other button, icon or window, must right-click from toolbar to cancel this function.

ot 1

sshot 1

Xneat window manager is a freeware and supports Window XP/Vista ( 32 bit ) .

Download Xneat window manager.

You need used the features of this software after finished the set up.The not common applications putting in system tray, always using or important applications set it to ‘Make on top‘ feature,or in semi-transparency mode.If you leave your PC for a moment,choose to hide the whole window then others will not known what you have done in the computer.