xGPS : GPS Navigation with Offline Map For iPhone [Need Jailbreak]

Those who like traveling abroad will be planning ahead using Google map to find place of interest, planning journey and etc, you will find that it’s difficult to synchronize journey plan Google map with your exiting iPhone’s build in map. If you thinking download GPS navigation apps for iPhone on iTunes app store but there are having limitation as want to download others countries map, the map you required may need money to buy it.

You can use xGPS as your GPS navigation app on your iPhone and allow you to download any region in the world as offline map.

xGPS app provide turn-by-turn directions, vocal instructions, offline maps support and many more navigation software for iPhone.You can plan your routes journey in xGPS using offline map.


xGPS Installation

First your iPhone need to be Jailbreak then download it through Cydia.

Add http://apt.modmyi.com into Cydia source.

As start to use xGPS, there are two function key at bottom,「Setting」 and 「Routes Planning」.

iphone gps navigation


There are four main features inside 「Routes Planning」

  • Search Place
  • Driving Directions
  • Go home
  • Routes Manager



You can add your journey routes in Routes Manager before traveling abroad, then use it with offline map and bring you to destination.

If you want to turn on iPhone build in GPS need go to 「Setting」 mode and select 「GPS」 option,then change to 「iPhone 3G GPS」 in the selection.

iphone offline mapiphone gps


Select 「Download maps」at 「Maps」option, a red color line square appeared as tab two fingers on the region and starting download the map requires.

Malaysia map on xGPS


I use xGPS during my trip to Thailand and Indonesia. All the journey are already set it and using Google map navigation, it’s help me a lot and save international roaming data charged expense.

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