The Worlds Hardest Game 2.0,Haven’t Try It ?

Today i will sharing with you a online flash game called ‘The Worlds Hardest Game 2.0‘.The game is same as the title,not easy at all,seriously.

Actually the method playing this game is easy,use arrow key button control the movement of the red box gather all the yellow coin,then go to the end point (green area) completed the level.

If there having gray area blocking,need gather the key to remove it.Blue coin is your enemy.

I suggest that you can start the game by using tutorial mode,let you familiar the game.

Sound like easy,isn’t it ? You will find that the game become harder and harder after level 4 as starting ‘New Game’.There are 50 level totally.

I took around 2 hours just go to level 5 only.What level that you achieved ?

Website:The Worlds Hardest Game 2.0