WongSK Blog Become SPAM Blog ???

Last night i received a email from a reader informed that my weblog ( WongSK Blog ) can’t open it and gone already,i was shocked it link back to blogger.com as typing my weblog URL into address bar.Moreover i had been informed that my blog locked for suspected TOS violation,that means WongSK Blog is a SPAM blog.

This is second time Wongsk blog label as SPAM blog since i start blogging almost two years ago.Immediately i submitted a review and appeal to Google,then stating a post in Blogger help forum that i already executed review and appeal procedures and waiting for unlocked.

This morning my blog was unlock and can open up already.Actually i quite don’t understand how come my blog become as spam blog,i read through Blogger content policy and didn’t find out any violation of my blog,or someone make joke to me flagged as spam blog ?

Are you ever experienced this kind of situation as using blogspot platform ? How to prevent happen again ?

Maybe i should using wordpress platform and own web hosting.

Any suggestion ?