WinXP Manager & Dr.Web Security Suite Giveaways By WongSK Blog

Date 13/12/2008 is for WongSK Blog turn to one year .This day WongSK Blog achieved 1,288 subscribers powered by Feedburner.Today i would like having giveaways WinXP Manager and Dr.Web Security Suite these two software to my weblog reader appreciate they supporting WongSK Blog among the year.


Maybe you never hearing about WinXP Manager these software before,WinXP Manager developed by Yamicsoft,i was using WinXP manager for long time and making my Window XP operating system running smooth seldom any ‘hang’ or crash problem occurred.

WinXP Manager is a tool for setting, optimizing, diagnosing and tweaking Windows XP. It includes more than 28 different tools that will let you tweak and optimize your system. You can tweak memory and CPU settings, customize IE settings, find and remove junk files, check and repair your registry, control startup programs, optimize your connection speed, validate your Favorites and much more. It also includes an Auto-Optimization option, that allows less experienced users to easily optimize certain settings, using a wizard. The interface is easy to use and all available options are categorized into sections.


You will be asking why i having WinXP Manager software giveaways and not Vista Manager ? According to Google analysis from WongSK Blog,76.87 % OS that using by visitors are Window XP,Vista 20.98% only.Then i decided having WinXP Manager giveaways to my weblog readers base on Google analysis data collected ( sorry for those Window Vista users ).

I have free giveaways Dr.Web Security Suite few months ago.Now coming back again since having reader asking for this software after previous giveaways.

I will giving 10 valid WinXP Manager and 4 valid Dr.Web Security Suite product keys to my weblog readers,all you need to do are ;

1.Subscribe via email and check for your email inbox for verification message from Feedburner with click the link that sent to you.

2.Then sending me a email that inform me that you want to be enroll in this giveaways and which software that you preferred ( one software selected only ) .

3.Existing subscriber or RSS subscriber who never got any product key before also can sent a email to me to enroll this giveaways.

During 29/12/08 ~ 04/01/09 , those who subscribed with email will have chance to get these software and i will select 14 lucky winner .The results will be announced on 05/01/09.

The software that i giving are latest version;

1.Dr.Web Security Suite ( Version 5.0 ) cost 28 EURO

2.WinXP Manager ( Version 6.0.0 ) cost USD 39.95

Download Dr.Web Security Suite and WinXP Manager .Then enter in the product key that sending if you is a lucky winner,you will having full version of this two software.

PS :Actually this post needed to be published two week ago,but i also busy helping my family’s business at the same time.After Christmas then have the time to prepare this article.
Now i am in Pangkor Island ,Malaysia for my vacation and will update my blog after holiday in Pangkor Island.