Winsplit Revolution : A Tool Split Open Window For Your High Revolutions LCD Screen

For those who have high revolution LCD screen ,it is no easy to resize or reposition the window size if have more than 3 open window on the have to drag and drop here the window.

WinSplit Revolution can help you to do this with simple step without using the mouse.How to do that,let see below picture,

All you need to do is press the keypad,

  • Ctrl+Alt+1 = Bottom left corner of the screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+2 = Bottom part
  • Ctrl+Alt+3 = Bottom right corner
  • Ctrl+Alt+4 = Left part
  • Ctrl+Alt+5 = Full screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+6 = Right part
  • Ctrl+Alt+7 = Upper left corner
  • Ctrl+Alt+8 = Upper part
  • Ctrl+Alt+9 = Upper right corner

This is a free software,it is suitable for those who have more than 17″ LCD screen.Download here.

Below 2 video clip will explain more details.

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