WinMHR: Protect PC For Malicious Files [With Firefox Add-on]

If you are a Windows PC user and now seeking for more secure for program running in your PC or any files that downloading from internet, WinMHR from Team Cymru can help you to scan any program running in PC for malicious activity, others than that WinMHR also having Firefox add-on scan all downloading files to avoid malware then protect your PC.

WinMHR is an extension of the Malware Hash Registry (MHR), an anti-malware service provide by Team Cymru. WinMHR queries MHR in real time as scan files by computed MD5 or SHA-1 hash of a file. This tool also include a Windows processes scan and startup scan.If you suspect a files is a malicious file then can drag it to scan or can perform a whole PC scan.

winMHR malware scan


While your AV posture helps you perform detection based on signatures, heuristics and polymorphism, the MHR provides you additional layer of detection, for known badness. Based on our research, AV packages have trouble detecting every possible piece of malware when it first appears. The MHR leverages multiple AV packages and our own malware analysis sandbox to help aid your detection rate. Coupled with AV, the MHR helps identify known problems so you can take action.

This application would not replace any antivirus software and it’s not a malware removal or blocking tool, it is a malware detection tool.

Firefox Add-on WinMHR

Meanwhile a Firefox add-on 「 Team Cymru’s MHR 」 from Team Cymru created. This Firefox add-on help you scanning all downloading file to avoid any malicious files that will affect your computer. A ‘Check MHR’ link appears unobtrusively in your downloads window. Click the link to check the respective file against Team Cymru’s Malware Hash Registry (MHR) service. A checkmark indicates that our malware database has no malware history of that file. If a file does have malware history in our database, a message will be displayed indicating what percentage of many anti-virus products reported this file as malware, and a red ‘x’ icon will be displayed.

scan malicious file



Team Cymru’s MHR Firefox add-on:

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