Windows Update Downloader : A Tool For Window Update Installation Without Go Through Microsoft Website

Are you ever try to reformat computer before ?Sometimes i also help my friends to format their computer due to virus or trojan seriously infected.What make me annoying is i need to waiting for a long time as go through all window update.I thought there must be some tool or software to solve this kind problem,at last i found this windows updates downloader,

Windows update downloader is a software integrate all of the latest updates into the installation and avoid spending hours waiting for the updates to download.All the update inside a file called Update List (ULs) which allows you to choose which updates you want for which version of Windows.

The Update list (ULs) contains are,
1.Exchange 2003
2.Window 2000 professional
3.Window 2003 Server
4.Window XP/Vista ( 32bit and 64bit)

I tried it to install all the window update in a new PC without go through Window update website,all the jobs finished within half an hours.

If you wanted to install and using windows update downloader,your computer should have .NET FAMEWORK 2.0 or latest version.Download windows update downloader and running installation,don’t execute the windows update downloader program after installation.You need to choose a product in Update List (ULs) and download it,then double click on this product update list,the computer will pop up a window and show you a message ‘Compressed UL file installed’.

Now you can execute the Windows update downloader program and showed you a list of updates need to install,just put a check on it and click download.That all.

PS: A pirate window OS can use this software to have a latest window update.



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