Window XP Upgrade To Window 7,Possible ?

Yesterday Microsoft confirmed that Window XP users can ‘upgrade’ to Window 7 version by purchase a upgrade license or media with discount price.Window XP users would be quite happy as hearing this good new ,however there is a catch.

Window XP users needed to wipe their hard drive’s data first and perform a clean Window 7 installation.That means XP users have to back up all the data.

Window 7 will come in six different versions :Windows 7 Starter Edition, Home Basic, Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate but we don’t know the pricing.Moreover,the pricing details of XP upgrade licenses are not yet known.

My computer OS still using Window XP and quite happy using of it.I don’t know how other Window XP users will they rely upgrade to Window 7 but i thought it will be a ‘tedious’ upgrade as a lot of back up has to be done.

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