Window Vista SP1 RTM Already Got BT Download ?

Recently Window Vista SP1 RTM got BT download although vista SP1 RTM not yet release it,this is vista 32 bit with version 6001-18000. ( For English version only)

Download BT here.

Moreover,if you got Window vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 that released week ago to group of private tester,this version is RTM need to download a file that renew the registry.then can download window vista SP1 RTM through Misrosoft update.

Downloadfile 1 .
Download file

Below is the data of registry location through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

News from Zdnet that MD5s for vista sp1 RTM are;

32-bit (434MB ): d597866e93bc8f80ecca234c4e9ce5a2

64-bit (726MB ): 983308426e8ee7649f53b41f4e5c42d4