Window Live Messenger Can’t Log In (80048820 error)

Recently came across the chinese forum found that there are many post regarding Window Live Messenger (WLM) can’t sign in.At the same time,my friend also facing same problem too.Here i have been concluded some method or solution to solve this problem.Hope can help.

1.In WLM,select ‘Tool’ then click ‘Option’.In connection troubleshooter select ‘Start’,the WLM will troubleshoot it.

2.Use to log in.If log in successful may be due to computer firewall blocking,just change the firewall setting to allow it and try to sign in with WLM again.

3.If WLM can’t sign in,turn on IE, click ‘Tool’ and select ‘internet option’.then click ‘connection’ and select ‘LAN setting’,uncheck ‘Automatically detect setting’,then click.’OK’,’Apply’ and ‘OK’.

4.In IE,click ‘Tool’ and select ‘internet option’.then click ‘advanced’,In security ,’Use SSL 2.0′ and “Use SSL 3.0′,please put a tick on it.After that click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.Then go to ‘content’ to click ‘clear SSL state’.

5.Confirm the window time display.

6.Try to sign in again.If still can’t to sign in,may be due to .NET Messenger service is not available,just visit to check the status.

7.After confirm the .NET Messenger service is stable,select ‘RUN’ then key in%windir%\system32\REGSVR32 softpub.dll,then ‘ENTER’ %windir%\system32\REGSVR32 wintrust.dll,then ‘ENTER’ %windir%\system32\REGSVR32 initpki.dll.then ‘ENTER’

With the step that mentioned above,most of the WLM can’t sign in issue will settle.