[Windows 7] How to set up ‘Shared Folder’ in Virtualbox Sharing Files with Main Computer ?

I’m using virtualbox install Window 7 to have trial run,it is hard to exchange or sharing some files in between Window 7 and main computer ( Window XP ),you can’t simply using drag and drop method transferring the files.Now you can create a ‘share folder’ easy for you transferring the data and files.

Add a sharing folder

1.Open up virtualbox,right click ‘shared folders’ icon located at bottom right window,ready to add new folders to share information.

2.Click ‘Add new shared folder’ icon and ‘OK’.

3.Click ‘folder Path’ to have drop down menu and select ‘other’,then select the folder path which locate in main computer as shared folder ( i use C:\wongsk as shared folder in main computer ).Then put a check on ‘Make permanent’ and ‘OK’.

Create a shared folder in virtualbox

1.Click ‘Start’ –> ‘Computer’ –> ‘Map network drive’,select Drive character and in ‘Folder’ column,enter in ‘\\vboxsvr\wongsk’ ( you can replace wongsk with you preferred name ) ,then click ‘Finish’.

2.Open up ‘Computer’,a shared folder ( wongsk ) created.

Now as you inserted any files into C:\wongsk folder in main computer,the same files will appear in ‘\\vboxsvr\wongsk’ folder immediately.