[Windows 7] How To Make Green Progress Bar Move Faster ?

Some Window 7 users as open up folder that contain lot of files,photo or document ( normally > 1GB ),may notice that a green progress bar is in moving status.If you felt green progress bar moving slowly or take longer time,here sharing a trick how to make green progress bar moving faster.

1.Right click to folder and select ‘Properties’,then select ‘Customize’.If can’t see any ‘Customize’ tab,click ‘Open folder location’ and retry again.

2.In ‘optimize this folder for’ column,select ‘Document’ and put a check for ‘Also apply this template for subfolders’,then click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

3.Next time you no need to wait longer and can open up this folder quickly.

Hope can help you all.

PS: The trick above can apply to Window Vista.