WideVPN : VPN Service With 300 IP’s And 12 Countries [Free Trial Run]

You will never hearing this kind VPN service that over 12 countries and 300 dedicated IP’s option,interested ? WideVPN is offer this kind of VPN service.

WideVPN can let you anonymous surfing,visiting web site blocked with high speed and prevent spoofing attacks.Moreover you can use it watching Hulu,BBC TV program.The interesting thing is WideVPN provide unlimited bandwidth control and P2P connection,normally most of the VPN service provider not allowed P2P connection caused will consumption a lot of bandwidth.

WideVPN supports Window XP/Vista (PPTP connection) ,Mac OS and iPhone/iPod.Refer ‘HOW SETUP’ tab in WideVPN homepage to set up VPN connection.

You can get all this features with minimum $10/month only and please refer this order page.

If you need a free trial before buy WideVPN service,you can use this free account for test run,

Username :vpn960 Password :888

The free trial maximum period for 5 hours only,you can reconnect again with same username and password continuing trial run after reached maximum 5 hours ( WideVPN reverse deactivate this free trial account at any time ).

PS: Seem this free trial account not supports Asia region IP,please use IP’s from UK.USA and EU region.If you need fully IP’s supported,please subscribe WideVPN monthly payment option.