Why FLAC Better Than MP3 As Backup Format For Music CD ?

My friend told me he has read my previous blog post How to Rip CD To APE and Convert APE To MP3,also mentioned that all his music CD are backup with FLAC file and MP3 file format but he can’t find any different using these two audio format as listen to music,moreover he using FLAC file as backup format caused FLAC,APE are recommended file format as searching in internet.

Well i known most of us having this kind of question same as my friend and i also using FLAC and APE to backup my music CD,i will explain in simple word why FLAC,APE is better than MP3 for backup music CD.

FLAC,APE is a file format for audio data compression with lossless audio which kept original audio CD quality using lossless data compression method (refer to Wikipedia),but the file size reduce are limited as using lossless data compression so we have to use lossy compression technology to delete some digital data and forced the file size become smaller and lesser such as MP3,AAC,WMA etc.

So if your music CD having scratches or others physical damage,you can recover with 100% audio quality same as original CD using APE format but if using MP3 as backup format,you will find some digital sound are losing.


FLAC and MP3 Audio Format Differences

1.Audacity is a open source software for recording and editing sounds.I will using Audacity to compare FlAC and MP3 audio differences.

Audacity website: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

First i will convert a song to FLAC with flac converter and MP3 with 128kbps,256kbps and 320kbps.total are 4 audio files,then import to Audacity.You can’t find any differences in the graph.

flac and mp3 compare


Select 「 Spectrum 」 in drop down menu,

flac and mp3 compare


In 15KHz ~ 22KHz region,there are some frequency sound appeared at FLAC audio however it’s become lesser compare to 320kbps,256kbps and 128kbps MP3.Ours human ears able to hear sound frequency range in between 20Hz~ 20KHz,over 16KHz almost can’t hear it,that why over 16KHz sound frequency will be removed during MP3 encoding.


If you still confuse with plot graph above,go to 「Analysis 」then select 「 Plot Spectrum 」.

flac and mp3 compare


It’s will show frequency analysis graph.Sound frequency start become weak on 21KHz for audio.

flac and mp3 compare


320kbps MP3 sound frequency become weak on 20KHz.

flac and mp3 compare


256kbps MP3 start weak on 19KHz.

FLAC and mp3 compare


128kbps MP3 frequency start weak on 16kbps.Over 16kbps frequency sound already removed during MP3 encoding,128kbps is most common bit rate for MP3 audio format.

flac and mp3 compare


So are you felt more clearly in between FLAC and MP3 files ? You need backup your music CD as APE format with audio lossless and gain original audio CD quality.

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