What Do You Do As Can’t Online On That Day ?

Nowadays,there are many people can’t leave the computer especially for those addicted in online game .Normally i use 2~3 hours per day in front of computer to view the forum and weblog,reply email,ebay Malaysia and prepare my report.If one day internet connection suddenly malfunction or other causes,what do you do on that day ? I know for those ‘web bug’ is a very touch day but you have to accept it,we can find something to do for that time.Here is some suggestion,

  • Clean your computer desk.Clean up your desk and don’t be cluttered.
  • Prepare your next release post if you have a blog.It is a good time for you and more concentrated.
  • Clean up the unused file in computer.Delete the unused or unwanted file to make computer start up faster.
  • Contact your friends.It is undeniable that some people rather facing computer than make love,don’t mentioned that asking them to contact their friends,so let us make use of time to connect back all the friends.
  • Go for jogging.Make your body become healthy.

So,what do you do ?