Web browser Always Display Specified Font Style.How To Make It ?

When we browsing some web site or forum then will notice that the font style display are always changing and different from what we are setting font default in the web browser,we quite puzzled caused font default display is set ‘Times New Roman’ but the actual font display is ‘Tohama’.This may due to web page font source code already set to specifies font display.Now i will share with you how to get web browser ( Firefox and Internet Explorer ) use our default font style showing the web site text content but skip the web page author specified font style.


1.Open Firefox Web browser,go to ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’,then select ‘Content’ tab.

2.Select ‘Advanced’ in ‘Fonts and colors column’,uncheck ‘allow page to choose their font,….’ and click ‘OK’.

Internet Explorer

1.Open Internet Explorer,select ‘Tool’ –> ‘Internet Option’.Go to ‘General’ Tab and click ‘Font’ icon.

2.Select your language script,then ‘Web page font’ and plain text font’,click ‘OK’.


3.Select again ‘Accessibility’ icon from ‘General ‘ option,put a check on ‘ ignore font style specified on webpage’,click ‘OK’.


With the trick mentioned above ,your Firefox and Internet Explorer should displayed font style that you specified.