How To Watch Youku Movies On Android Without VPN Or Proxy [Todou, Sohou Also Available]

Youku and Todou are the video sharing website, let us watching movies online with free, they are hosting lots of Chinese, Hindi or English movies and TV series but only available for Mainland China. We can’t watch Youku movies outside Mainland China and have to use Unblock Youku extension or install PAC profile for mobile devices bypass geographical restriction issue.

Youku checks your internet connection via your IP address. The IP address identifies your computer as well as your location that is why Youku can detect outside visitors, visitors connecting from other countries will receive an error message “Sorry, this video only be streamed within mainland China” as they attempt to stream content on this site.

Nowadays people enjoy watching Youku movies online with Android or others mobile device platform. We already shared how to set up Unblock Youku on Firefox, Chrome, iOS and android platform.

Watch Youku Movies On Android

Sometimes Android users can be frustrating that have to configure the settings, use proxy servers or set up VPN connection streaming content from Youku. Now we can employ one powerful Android app called “UNBLOCK YOUKU TUDOU IQIYI”, let us watch Youku outside China without any configuration setting or install VPN and proxy to have Youku unblock.

Youku movies on android

This Android app not only streaming video from Youku, but also allows us to enjoy movies from Todou, Iqiyi, Sohou and many more video websites in China. It’s easy to use, use app builds in browser finding movies or TV series that you are interested, then tap on the download icon. The movie will download into your Android devices.

Then you can watch Youku Movies offline.

Download “UNBLOCK YOUKU TUDOU IQIYI” from Google Play Store.