How To Watch Youku Free Movies, Country Block Video From China

Youku is popular video sharing website in China which is very similar to YouTube. We can visit Youku website and watch Youku free movies which hosting lot of movies, drama or video joint venture with over 1,000 license holders which allow them to host popular movies and TV shows in full length.

It’s offer lot of non-Chinese contents, especially in its movies, drama and TV categories, include Hindi and Korean movies. As you had seen below Youku hosts quite a lot superb number of movies that you can watch online, including many top blockbusters.

Youku free movies


However all these Youku online movies are not available as you try to gain access from outside China with a pop up window message “sorry this video only be streamed within mainland China” due to copyright restrictions or policies have regional restrictions.

Country block video

Watch Youku Free Movies

Unblock Youku

Try install Unblock Youku Chrome extension if you are from outside midland China. Do not do or change any of the settings after installation, just refresh the page will be able to work properly.


Come2china is Firefox extension works almost same as Unblock Youku which using China proxy server to bypass region restriction.

Download come2china xpi file from website. Then open it by Firefox browser, click “Install” and an icon appeared at lower right corner of the browser.

Come2china firefox extension bypass region restriction


Click the icon to turn on com2china (change to orange color) without any configuration and reload Youku website, it’s should play fine for you.

The stream quality movies allow users select play HD or normal on full screen, you should not notice any buffering status if your internet connection is fast enough.

Unblock Youku chrome extension watch Youku online movie


Meanwhile, these two web browser extension not only allow you watch Youku free movies but also streaming video from others China video hosting company like Tudou, Ku6, Kankan and more.

If you are prefer download movie video from Youku or others China video hosting website, use Flvcd download and watch it on your desktop, widescreen TV whatever.

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