Watch Movie Torrent Without Download, WatchTorrents Player

Normally we would like to use BitTorrent downloading movie torrent into computer till finish so we can start to watch them. However most of the torrents are fake or the movies and TV shows that downloaded are not what you’re looking for, sometimes we may download the virus files, this will waste your time and internet broadband.

If you are always using BitTorrent downloading movie or music, try to use WatchTorrents Player. WatchTorrents Player is a BitTorrent client combine with VLC media player and integrated with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome web browser by browser extension allows users to watch moves torrent or TV show torrents in your browser instantly without having to wait for them to finish downloading.

We do not need to manage or change WatchTorrents Player setting, just right click on torrent file and select “Play torrent” option in right click menu as we surfing internet, it’s will start downloading the movies content and play in web browser, click it then can start to watch the movie.


Watch Movie Torrent

Download and install WatchTorrents Player. Please choose “Advanced” option and deselect “Install Delta Toolbar”.

Watch movie torrent with watchtorrents player


A browser extension will add into web browser. Please enable it.

Now find a movie torrent file and right click, select “Play torrent” option as shown below.

Watch movie torrent file on web browser


The content will then begin buffering then play in your browser after buffering completed.

Torrent download


WatchTorrents Player benefit for those would like to check torrent file before downloaded.

WatchTorrents Player supports AVI, MKV, MP4, MP3, WAV and many other file types, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.