How To Watch Blocked Videos YouTube, Youku From Your Country

YouTube And Youku are popular video hosting websites available for you watch free movie, drama or video. They always works with term and conditions in different countries, sometimes YouTube blocks videos for specific countries, because the video is either banned by the country or is considered to have illegal content for that specific country. Same as Youku movie are not available as you try to gain access from outside Mainland China.

The normal way to viewing blocked videos on YouTube, Youku or others video hosting website like Hulu, Netflix using proxy or VPN service, but seem complicated to some users. Now we have easy way to view restricted videos on YouTube or Youku, “Hola Better Internet” extension for Google Chrome and Firefox browser already developed to bypass YouTube video blocked in your country.

Watch Youtube blocked videos with hola better internet


Watch blocked Videos By Use Hola Better Internet


Install “Hola Better Internet” Firefox extension (i use Firefox browser for testing), you don’t have to configure any settings on the browser, just click on hola icon and change your prefer IP addresses, click on “More” to find out more countries such as China, Japan, France and more.

blocked%20video%20Youtube%20and%20youku 2

Now i can watch YouTube blocked videos by using others IP address that from other countries.

blocked%20video%20Youtube%20and%20youku 3


This is what you see as try to gain access Youku free movies from outside China.

stream Youku free movie

Now i try to bypass region restriction select China IP address in “Hola Better Internet” Firefox extension. The stream movie starting to play now.

Watch youku stream video with hola better internet extension

Other trick to bypass Mainland China restriction to watch Youku stream movies.

Currently “Hola Better Internet” not only can use in web browser but also compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

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