VPNReactor : Free VPN From US

Recently i shared Ipjetable free VPN service that work in Windows,Mac OS,Linux and Iphone,now another free VPN service also works with all platforms called ‘VPNReactor‘ from US.

VPNReactor is a new VPN service provider from US.They provide VPN Pro ( $10/month ) and Basic ( Free ) option.They VPN connection are using PPTP with 128 Bit Secure & Encrypted connection to the internet, Anonymous U.S. based IP address.

Go to here register a account using their free VPN service,then validate your account by click the activation link contain in the email.Choose your prefer platforms in ‘FAQ’s’ at homepage to set up the VPN connection.

After trial run,found that the browsing web page almost same as normal internet connection,can perform SSL connection and normal download.IM client ( MSN and Skype ) can connect well.

VPNReactor Free VPN service give you a valid one month free using their service,if you want to continue the free service ,signup with a new account again or clink the activation link again that sending by VPNReactor recently.

If you are satisfied free VPN service,you also can subscribe their monthly payment option.