VPN With L2TP / IPSEC Service

Today i would like sharing to all of you another VPN service called ‘ VPN Tool ‘.Those looking anonymous surfing in internet and need extra protection,you can try it.

VPN Tool provided free VPN service which offers a VPN server in France.VPN Tool using L2TP/IPSEC connect to server, it’s a different protocol compare other VPN service uses Open VPN or PPTP connection ( you can refer L2TP/IPSEC Wikipedia ), all need download and install software client.

Visit here and choose one of the VPN connection (L2TP/IPSEC) that supports Window 2000 and XP only,fill in the information and click ‘SUBSCRIBE’.You will getting software download link ,username and password instantly in next web page.

Download the software and apply username and password to the connection pop up window,then click ‘Connect’.That all.

The speed quite OK,all the VOIP and IM client software,ftp and P2P can run in VPN Tool connection.