Kepard VPN Service Offer 365 Days Free Trial

Free vpn service that found in internet may having some restrictions like connection speed limited, offer one or two vpn server for connection or disallow P2P and others. If you are looking for free vpn service here a new vpn service provider, Kepard which provide vpn server through 5 counties gateway and free trial for 365 days.

Currently Kepard have 7 vpn server located at US, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Canada providing PPTP, L2TP and OpenVpn protocol vpn connection, all this vpn connection supports Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux iPad, IPhone, iPod and Android platform devices, you can refer vpn set up page guiding you how to configure the Kepard vpn setting. Moreover Kepard also provided dialer software (Windows OS) let you connect to their vpn service instantly.

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Kepard offer 365 days free trial of their vpn service which having same features as their vpn premium account, that means you can enjoy unlimited traffic, unrestricted speeds, allows torrents and P2P and 256 bit encryption connection all these features, there is no different and test it with no cost but limit is the 30 minutes daily.

Some users may concern that Kepard will keep the vpn log files or not ? Here Kepard description in their web page

Considering all the frauds happening on the internet we do have to keep logs in order to protect our business from the abuse of using our services. But this should be not a concern for you because we keep the logs just for 3 days. If during this time there are no official complains regarding any illegal activity, the logs containing your IP addresses are automatically deleted. We would like to make clear that no third party can get access to your logs. The reason of keeping the logs is just to protect everybody’s business.


Kepard Free Trial VPN Service

1.Visit Kepard free trial page and click activate free button to create account by enter email address and password.

Register Kepard vpn free trial


2.Now you enjoy Kepard vpn service for 365 days that limit to 30 minutes daily with no cost.

365 days vpn free trial


3.Here i use Kepard dialer software for vpn service connection. Key in email and password that you created.

kepard dialer software


4.After logged in the main window showed vpn connection already turn on. Here you will see that how many days left and which country you are connected and others information.

interface dialer software


5.Click change IP or country button to switch IP and country.

change ip or vpn server kepard


6.You can change vpn protocol connection in this dialer software.

change vpn protocol


The connection is quite fast, not so much different with local internet connection as i tested it. What impressed me is Kepard dialer software is allow to switch vpn protocol connection instantly without any configuration. It’s will be more prefect if Kepard add in SSTP protocol connection.

If you are satisfied with Kepard vpn service then can purchase their premium vpn which has 3 pricing plan:one month, 3 months and 12 months. One month is $7.00, 3 months is $19.00 (save 19%) and 12 months is $69.00 (save 18%).


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