Vista SP1 RTM ‘Create A Recovery Disc’ Application Disappear,How To Get It Back ?

The previous beta version of the Vista SP1 with a new feature that created recovery CD.First of all, this feature does not include Vista installation process,it merely a recovery tool if unbootable.Do not know why, until the lastest of the official version of SP1 release, this function does not added in but we can download this recovery disc from here.

Recently came across Long Zheng article , in fact SP1 users only need a small application can produce their own recovery disc. This application is called: recdisc.exe, downloads and install to its “% systemroot% \ system32” directory.

You can refer Long Zheng article how to get this.After the completion of copy (remember to backup “% systemroot% \ system32” of the document),double click the executive file to run it.