Usejump : Anonymous Surf And Bypass YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Google Blocked In Your Country

If you just need anonymous surfing or bypass site blocked and don’t want to install any VPN,proxy software client,then you can use this web browser,Usejump.


Usejump browser integrates tunnel technology,bypass local ISP without any configuration.It’s uses SSH Tunnel service,the IP address are change randomly which came from US and UK region.Usejump also can let you bypass site blocked like Facebook,Twitter,Youtube, etcDownload Usejump and running installer.The Usejump’s homepage shown as below ;

Usejump supports multiple languages,you can change to your own preferred language by click ‘Help’ tab in Usejump browser and select ‘switch application language’.

The speed seems faster compared with Tor,web proxy.Moreover,Usejump is clean,no ads and no extra plugin contained.

You should try it.