Use Specified Keywords In Opera For Search Application

Previously i have two posts regarding ‘Use Specified Keywords In web browser For Search Application in Internet Explorer and Firefox.Now i will show you how to adds specified keywords in Opera for search application.

1.Take ‘Ebay Malaysia’ as a example.Right click at the searching column and select ‘Create Search’.

6 15 2008+4 08 47+PM

2.Enter in the keyword such as ‘ebayMY’ and click ‘OK’.

6 15 2008+4 17 46+PM

3.As we point to the layout of the default search engine on the drop-down menu, “eBay Malaysia” already added into search box.

6 15 2008+4 28 00+PM

4.Then type in an item such as ‘handphone’,the website will automatically go to eBay Malaysia and showed the result ‘handphone’.

You can use the above method if have other favorite website.

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