Use MSN Old Version Without Upgrade To Window Live Messenger 2009

Recently Window Live messenger 2009 released to public and Microsoft starting force MSN messenger users to update. You will be receiving a pop up message ‘ a new version is available, you must install the newer version in order to continue.Would you like to do this now ?’ after sign in, if you click ‘no’, you will unable to log in into your window live messenger (WLM). If you prefer MSN or WLM old version without upgrade to WLM 2009 then you can try this.

You can use this software tool ‘eXeScope’ continue using your MSN or old version of Window Live Messenger. eXeScopee can analyze, display various information, and rewrite resources of executable files, that is, EXE, DLL, OCX, etc. without source files. Other features are ;

Change font type face and size
· Change size and position of dialog boxes or forms
· Change the arrangement of controls in forms
· Change text in message boxes
· Change text of menus
· Change assignment of accelerator keys
· Export icon, cursor, bitmap, AVI, WAVE, MIDI, JPEG, GIF, etc.
· Rewrite icon, cursor, bitmap, AVI, WAVE, MIDI, JPEG, GIF, etc.
· Examine imported DLLs.
· Examine exported functions of DLL/ActiveX/OCX


Change MSN Product Version

1.Download eXeScope and unzipped. Then double click to run ‘eXeScope.exe’ file.

2.Select ‘File’ > ‘Open’,find ‘msnmsgr.exe’ and open it (normally in path C:\program files\Window Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe).

3.Then select ‘Recourse’ > ‘Version’ > ‘1’.

Change Window live messenger version


4.Go to ‘ProductName’ and right click, select ‘edit’.

Edit MSN messenger product name


5.In Value column, key in WLM 2009 latest version 14.0.8050.1202 and click ‘OK’.

WLM latest version


6.Select ‘Edit’ > ‘Save Update’. After that will showing a confirm message, then click ‘OK’ and ‘YES’.

Update MSN version

confirm window live messenger version



7.Try to open up Window Live Messenger or MSN messenger, then already can sign in.

Hope can help all of you.

PS:If the above steps can’t work,please refer this new MSN update.

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