Use iDOS iOS App Play All DOS Game Without Jailbreak

iDOS (Play DOS games in iPhone and iPad ) iOS app come back again which was pulled from Apple iTunes App Store previously.The iTunes file sharing already disable prevent user added DOS games through iTunes.Now i show you how to use iDOS play all DOS games without jailbreak.

Actually iDOS already added DOS games such as Wolf3d, Duke I/II, Major Striker, SuperNova, Kingdom of Kroz II.Other DOS games can’t be download or add into iDOS,if you need others DOS games downloading into iDOS,you need

  1. PC/Mac computer
  2. Windows XP/Vista/7 or OSX 10.5/10.6
  3. iTunes 9
  4. iPhone Explorer

1.Download iPhone Explorer 2.1 version.iPhone Explorer is a software that can browse iPhone or Ipad file and folder.Now connect iPhone or Ipad to PC,then run iPhone Explorer.You need to disable ‘Auto Lock’ in iOS device to let iPhone Explorer connected iOS device continuously.Click ‘Apps’ and find folder.

2.Drag the DOS games file to Apps/ folder ( I use ‘Pal’ 仙剑奇侠传 DOS game folder as example)

3.Run ‘iDOS’ in iOS device by click ‘C:\’ sticky note enter into DOS command.

4.Enter in ‘cd pal‘ in command line,then enter ‘pal‘ again running the DOS game. you can play that DOS game. Enter ‘dir /w’ in command line to check the game content.

Download iDOS from iTunes Store.