Use Gmail In Offline With Offline Google Mail [Chrome Extension]

Today Google introduced new HTML5 app ‘Offine Google Mail‘ which is a Google chrome extension to support Gmail offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access.

This offline Gmail feature is applied to Google chrome web browser only.

  • Offline Google Mail :

The Google Chrome will running in background after installed Offline Google Mail .You need to open a new tab as first time using Offline Google Mail and click the icon.

offline google mail


Select and put a check on ‘allow offline mail’ option,the system will automatically synchronize your Gmail contents and browse offline.

offline google mail


When we use Offline Google mail extension,it’s will automatically synchronize mail content,any editing on your Gmail like delete,respond or compose mail will store into PC if in offline and waiting automatically synchronized as having internet connection.

offline google mail


Will this offline google mail extension benefit to you ?