USB WriteProtector : Protect Flash Drive With Write Protection

Are you worry about the flash drive infected by virus ? Try this USB WriteProtector free software, it has anti write protection capabilities with mode ON / OFF two options operation, allowing Windows users turn on write protect of flash drive manually.

USB WriteProtector is a portable tool with size 186KB. Download USB WriteProtector and install it. You must unplug the flash drive from the PC before turn on the write protection.

USB Write Protect

You have two option (write protection ON & OFF). If you wanted turn on flash drive write protection, select ‘USB write protection ON’, then click ‘Close’ button and plug in your flash drive.

Write protect USB


After insert the flash drive, the file will not be able to be written or delete files (press [Del] key will be invalid) to ensure that the information will not be misused or infected by virus. you will getting a warning message as below;

Write protect flash drive


Then if need to cancel the write protection, just remove the flash drive and run USB WriteProtector.exe again, select “write protection OFF” and click ‘Close.

USB WriteProtector compatible with Window XP/Vista and supports 9 languages ( English,Hungarian,Italy,Dutch,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Chinese and Spanish ).