USB Disk Drive Become Local Disk In PC

As inserted USB drive to the computer, it will showing up become a Removable Disk under ‘My Computer’ if we want to install software (not portable software) under removable disk, found that the software could not find inside the USB drive, because most of the software are installed inside ‘fixed local disk’ as default. Now i showed you how to make your removable disk (USB drive) become a fixed local disk, make sure your USB drive is high speed drive, if not the software will running as slow as turtle.

USB Drive As Local Disk

1.Download Hitachi Microdrive and unzipped.(Hitachi Microdrive is a driver to make your removable drive become fix local drive).

2.Then plug in USB Drive,go to ‘Control Panel’ –> ‘System’ –> ‘Hardware’ –> ‘Device Manager’.

3.Double click ‘disk drive’, select USB drive and right click,select ‘update driver’.

 usb as local disk


4.Hardware update wizard appeared and select ‘Yes,this time only’ –> ‘Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)’ –> ‘Don’t search.I will choose the driver to install’, then click ‘Next’.

5.Select ‘Disk Drive’ –> ‘Hard Disk…’

Add USB disk drive

6.Browse ‘cfadisk.inf’ file that unzipped from Hitachi Microdrive and click ‘OK’, then click ‘Next’.

local disk at PC

7. Update driver warning wizard showed and select ‘Yes’,the hitachi Microdriver will install into PC, click ‘Finish’ after install completed.

8.After reboot the PC, the USB drive (F) change from removable disk to local disk already.

USB drive become local disk


If you needed, change the default program installation path in registry,

1.Start –> Run –> ‘regedit’

2.Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.

3.Find ‘ProgramFilesDir at right panel.

4.Double click on it and change value data C:\Program Files to F:\xxxxxx .Then click ‘OK’ to save it.

Then the default program installation will change to install to your USB drive.

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