How To Upload Photos To Instagram From PC

Instagram became a very successful photo sharing social app in very short time. Now Instagram let you upload the photos to your Instagram account directly from the mobile web page itself, without require the Instagram app to be installed on the device.

Before that, if you are looking post to Instagram from PC directly through web browser, no way you can do that. However, since Instagram upload photos through mobile web page already enable, then we can use below trick upload photos to Instagram from PC easily.

Upload to photos to Instagram online through mobile web page is straightforward. Visit Instagram mobile web page and login to your account, you will see a group of icons at the bottom of the screen. Tap on camera icon to upload a photo.

Upload Photos To Instagram From PC (Google Chrome)

Open Google Chrome web browser and visit Instagram web page, login to your account.

Press F12 key on the keyboard to turn on developer mode, then click on toggle device toolbar button.

instagram upload photo

Now you will see the mobile device option appears at the top of the web page. Select your preferred mobile device.

instagram%20upload%20photo 2

Press the F5 key to refresh the web page. You will find the Instagram desktop web page become mobile version.

instagram upload photo

Now click on the camera icon and you can upload photos to Instagram from PC directly.

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