How To Upload High Resolution Photos To Facebook

Nowadays more and more people like to upload photos to Facebook, share it to their friends or family. Just few clicks then the photos will uploading to any regular Facebook status update. We aware that Facebook compresses some photos pretty aggressively when you upload and display them, even is high resolution photos.

By default, your Facebook photos are uploaded in relatively low resolution, resize to maximum of 960 x 720 pixels. That’s fine if viewing your photos on a smartphone screen. However, Facebook’s default resolution isn’t good enough if viewing on a computer screen or download for printing.

Facebook high resolution photos

Few years back Facebook allow users an option uploading high resolution photos up to 2048 pixels, considerably more detailed than the default 960 x 720 pixel photos, but now this option already disappeared. Some users have to upload photos to Flickr, then copy and paste photo link into Facebook.

Now we can display and share Facebook high resolution photos to ours friends and family in Facebook directly, without added link from others images hosting website.

Facebook High Resolution Photos

Visit photo album after log in. Click on “Create Album” button, then select photos that uploaded.

High%20resolution%20photos 1

Put a check on “High Quality” option.

High%20resolution%20photos 2

Compare with original photo.

Upload high resolution photos