Uninstall Android System Apps After Root Android 4.0.3 On Xperia Neo V

Few days back i have shared how update ICS 4.0.3 and root Android 4.0.3 firmware for Xperia Neo V phone.The RAM memory consumption still almost same as Android 2.3 after update to ICS 4.0.3 versions, then i forced to have Android 4.0.3 root then i can uninstall some Android system apps to get more free memory.

Timescape app of Sony on Android phone is an interesting approach to content sharing. Users browse stacks of tiles revealing status updates from Facebook and Twitter, calls or text messages, unread email, and recent music, photos, or videos recorded or added by the user.Unfortunately Xperia Neo V can’t react fast or hang problem occurred after using Timescape for some time, moreover Gmail, Facebook, Youtube and others Android system apps will consume a lot of RAM, then i have to uninstall all these apps to make Xperia Neo V running smooth.

SystemApp Remover from Google Play allow users uninstall regular and system apps after Android phone rooted.Install and run SystemApp Remover then tab 「System Apps」.

Android 4.0.3 root


Tab on apps which need uninstalled, there will have six options selected;Uninstall, Enable, Disable, Backup, Cancel and Clear Data.

Android 4.0.3 root


Every app uninstalled need to back up first if any unforeseen problem occurred, then we can restore back the app.Tab 「Backup」 and then following by 「Uninstall」, the app will uninstall automatically.All the backup apps by using SystemApp Remover will store at location path sdcard/SystemAppBackup folder.


Android System Apps Uninstall After Update To Android 4.0.3 And Rooted

Due To Timescape app consume more RAM memory and need to remove it in priority.Use SystemApp Remover find it out and uninstalled.

  • EventStream.apk
  • EventStreamPluginCallLog.apk
  • EventStreamPluginFacebook.apk
  • EventStreamPluginTelephony.apk
  • EventStreamPluginTwitter.apk
  • TimescapeRssPlugin.apk
  • TimescapeSpline.apk
  • TimescapeWidget.apk

Reboot the Phone after uninstalled.

Now start remove Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp etc all these system apps on Android phone, we can download from Google Play and install on SD card then can save more RAM memory.

  • facebook.apk
  • FBCalendarSync.apk
  • FBIAppShare.apk
  • FBMediaDiscovery.apk
  • FBMusicLike.apk
  • FBSetupwizard.apk
  • PostViewer.apk (FB relative app)
  • SEMCFacebookProxy.apk
  • storefront.apk
  • YouTube.apk
  • YouTubeKaraokePlugin.apk
  • YouTubePlugin.apk
  • WikipediaPlugin.apk
  • com.whatsapp.apk
  • Gmail.apk
  • officesuite.apk

Others android system apps can remove safely

  • Stk.apk (SIM ToolKit)
  • GenieWidget.apk (News And Weather)
  • SemcCrashMonitor.apk (Crash Monitor ? No need after rooted)
  • playnowclientarvato.apk (Play now)
  • wisepilot.apk (Wisepilot)

Xperia Neo V gain free RAM up 190~ 200 MB.If using Android Phone for Whatsapp, LIKE messenger, SMS,Facebook and Twitter updated and make call,190 MB Free RAM are quite enough.

android 4.0.3 root

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