Uninstall Norton Antivirus Software With Special Removal Tool

I have installed a Norton antivirus software in my computer before Chinese New Year,it seem use up too much of computer memory then i tried to uninstall it.Unfortunately,i can’t delete it as use add and remove program in control panel,even use the your uninstaller software and show a message ‘you can’t remove this program’.

I am so furious and search in Norton antivirus file,there are no uninstall.exe inside.Then ,i search in internet are there any special software to remove it,i found the software lastly and remove it successful.

This software is developed by Symantec and can remove almost Norton products.You have to choose which Norton product that need uninstalled,then download that software.The important is you need to save the Norton product key.

Another software are from Softpedia,it also developed by Symantec.

Download from
Download from Softpedia.