Understanding Photoshop : Photoshop Tutorial iOS App [Free Limited Time]

Now you can get Photoshop tutorial with ‘Understanding Photoshop‘ iOS app through iPhone,iPod touch and iPad,this iOS app is free limited time.

UnderstandingPhotoshop 2

Understanding Photoshop
iOS app developed by REHD Pixel and having 2 tutorial,

  1. Quick Fixes -Learn how to quickly solve common problems with color and tone using Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Creating Panoramic Photos -Learn how to create breathtaking panoramic photographs using Adobe Photoshop and digital camera.

• Includes 15 training videos edited specifically for the iPhone or iPod Touch.  Offers easily viewable screens, with zooms and close-ups of the action.
• Every lesson includes hands-on files that you download to your computer.  There’s no need to merely watch, you can try out every technique on your own.
• Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes.  Score yourself as well as check your answers with video responses.
• Search throughout the application by keyword and your own bookmarks.
• A quick reference guide is also included to help build your skills.
• Interact with the trainer with comments and a Twitter client.

UnderstandingPhotoshopUnderstandingPhotoshop 1

Download Quick Fixes from Apple iTunes App Store.

Download Creating Panoramic Photos from Apple iTunes App Store.