Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm : 3D Racing Game iOS App [Free Today]

Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm is 3D racing game for iOS devices.It’s free for a day.

The Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm features are;

– HIGHLY DETAILED GRAPHICS without repeating textures (i. e. every rock is painted differently).
– CAREER MODE with 31 race days, some of them featuring up to 10 events. Several hours of playtime.
– 3D MENU, completely integrated.
– REALTIME SHADOWS on iPad, iPhone 3GS / iPod 3G 32GB or better.
– 4 RACE MODES: Time Trial, Elimination, 1 Vs 1, Race.
– THUMB TRACKING: Don’t care about hitting the gas pedal. It’s wherever your thumb is.
– Select your favourite CAMERA: Third person, hood or bumper.

– 3D SOUND with stereo output and positional audio. For a full and immersive sound experience make sure you are using headphones!
– REALISTIC MOTOR SOUND, engine simulation, backfire

– 3D CAR PHYSICS with suspension, damping, drifting, etc..
– 12 CARS individually upgradable. Ranging from buggies to race cars and trucks.
– DAMAGE MODEL based on real impact damage, flapping doors, loose hinges.

Download Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm from Apple iTunes Apps Store and it’s free for today.

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