TUS Bypass Sites Blocked And Surf Anonymous

Except using VPN services or proxy client surfing anonymously and bypass web blocked,i would like to share with you other way that unrestricted web surfing with TUS.

TUS ( The Untraceable Surfer ) provided a platform for anonymous, safe and unrestricted web surfing.You no need worry about being tracked,flagged,spywares,virus caused you are using remote visualization desktop browsing web,not your PC and this remote visualization desktop provides by their terminal servers.


That means internet usage can only be tracked to their servers and not for your PC,all the
communication between your computer and the server is encrypted which prevents any eavesdropping.

1.Go to here register a account and TUS will sending email containing username and password to you .

2.Visit here and download client MS Window.This client supports MS Window,Mac OS,Solaris and Linux ( client MS Window as example ).

3.Install client.Please read the Window user guide for more details. Others computer OS users please follow this.

4.You will getting this screen if installation successful.Click the Firefox icon located at bottom left hand corner,then you can start surfing internet.The IP server is in US.


Hope can help you all.