How To Turn Android Phone And Tablet With Smart Cover Function

We may envy iPad with smart cover function allow iOS users open the smart cover, iPad wakes up. Close it, iPad goes to sleep. How about android phone and tablet turn out to have similar function ? Now you just install android app from Google Play Store that called “Auto Screen On Off(Smart Cover)”.

Auto Screen On Off app let your android devices like build in smart cover function after installed. After covered with protection sleeve, the result almost same as smart cover like what you see in iPad.

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Auto Screen On Off Smart Cover Function

Its automatically turn on and off the screen by detecting the proximity sensor, can be help reduce pressing power button to avoid physical damage.

Go to “Setting” option to enable screen on and off automatically.You can access to power button quickly by turn on notification option.

Smart cover function on android phone and tablet


You doesn’t need to worry as taking photo or playing game to hold your android phone or tablet in landscape direction, scare to trigger proximity sensor accidentally. This app provided disable in landscape direction would not turn off the screen.

The default value for screen off timeout is too short (0.5 second), recommended setting is one second to prevent from accidentally triggering the feature.

Smart cover app turn on and off screen


Since it uses proximity sensor to detect whether the screen should be on or off, this may use some power consumption. Better turn on “Disable while sleep” option to save power.

Tap on rubbish bin icon located at top of the screen to uninstall the app.

Final Thought

This is alternative way to enable smart cover function on android devices. However battery power drain fast after installed this app, even turn on power safe mode.