Transmute : Synchronize Bookmarks Between Different Web Browser With Three Click

How many web browser are you using now ? Firefox,IE,Safari,Opera,Google Chrome or Chromium ?Most of us after tried run the new web browser and found that the bookmarks or the ‘Favorite’ are not from the used web browser,then have to give up using it .Moreover,not many of us can know how to use export and import function to get all the bookmarks transfer between different web browser.

Now with this ‘Transmute’ bookmarks converter will be able to keep a variety of popular browser bookmarks convert each other and don’t let you in trouble.

Transmute is a bookmarks converter that supported Chromium,Firefox,IE,Safari ,Google Chrome and Opera web browser.
Download Transmute 1.05 or Transmute portable.

After download and installed,a wizard will appear,selected ‘Source’ ,’Target’ and ‘Export’,then will starting synchronize bookmarks between web browser.( Before click ‘Export’ need to close up all the web browser).


After start up the new web browser,you will notice that the bookmark already inside it.