Track Email And Comfirm Read By Recipient [How To]

Sometimes we wonder about the email sending out already open or read by recipients successfully, hope that an email tracking can get notification delivered to the sender when recipient open an email. I still remember Microsoft Outlook Express build in 「Return read receipts」 feature that confirms you read the mail and records the time. However Outlook Express already took out in Windows 7 and we have to find a new way track email address.

Right Inbox for Gmail is a Gmail extension that supports Google chrome, Firefox and Safari web browser. If you are use Gmail as main email client to send out mail then can using 「Track」 build in feature to help us track an email and get notified instantly when email is read.


Track Email With Right Inbox For Gmail

1.Install Right Inbox for Gmail extension (use Google Chrome example), then open Gmail and will get this notification as below, click 「Continue」.

right inbox track email


2.Let Right Inbox extension grant access your Gmail account, that all. This extension having free and paid version and main difference is total quantity email tracking, free version limited to 10 email tracking per month.

right inbox track email


3.Now 「Track」 feature already in add in as compose an email.

right inbox track email


4.Put a check on box 「Track」 option as sending out an email, a notification email will send back to you as recipient read email.

right inbox


How Right Inbox Track An Email

If recipient using Gmail receive mail will show image is not displayed, there don’t have any image display as click on 「Display image below」. Actually Right Inbox puts a small invisible image within your email, Right Inbox will record the time as click on 「Display image below」 and notify the sender, if the recipient’s email client does not particularly block remote images, then tracking takes place.

You can suggest a feature for Gmail by adding 「Read Receipts」 from here.

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