Torrent Download Via HTTP With Torrific

Some country P2P or torrents download has been throttling by country’s ISP and caused the download speed is very slow.The solution you may try is using VPN service to bypass the local IP’s address.Now you have option download the favorite torrent via web (HTTP download) with ‘Torrific‘.

Torrific allow you download favorite torrent file via HTTP with free.The interesting thing is if the torrents file has been download by others before,the torrent file will store in Torrific cache and you can getting torrent download link immediately.If the requested torrent is not available you need to wait for maximum 24 hours to get the download link.Go to Torrific web page and register a account ,enter in torrent URL ( can use Google docs or Dropbox ) or keyword,then click ‘Get’.Click the download link and start HTTP download.

torriific 2

You must completed the download within 24 hours.